Did you know that it is

Our Right To Know...

...the chemicals our community are being exposed to?

...what toxic chemicals are being used in our schools?

...the simple ways that we can make a difference?

We are taking a stand on raising the standards regarding the hazardous chemicals on school grounds in our community.  Please join us in creating a safer place for our children, teachers, and staff in the Las Virgenes Unified School District and in the surrounding communities. Safer pest management practices will also protect our local wildlife and watersheds. 


Email: OurRightToKnow@me.com

"Right to know", in the context of United States workplace and community environmental law, is the legal principle that the individual has the right to know the chemicals to which they may be exposed in their daily living. It is embodied in federal law in the United States as well as in local laws in several states.


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CLICK HERE TO READ THE ACORN ARTICLE ABOUT OUR CAUSEhttp://www.theacorn.com/news/2013-04-04/Community/Women_fight_for_less_toxic_landscape_maintenance_a.html

Earth Day

City of Calabasas

LVUSD continues lack of compliance with the Health Schools Act.  Please show your support at our next Board meeting.